Anonymous asked:

Christina's a sassy controlling freak. In your new video she's really bitchy and thinks she's the best out of everyone. She gets mad too easily. "Shut the freaking door!" "Guys you have to be quiet when I say 3" "What is your problem" "Humans have ears" "What is wrong with you" "I do not care" "You ruined it. Try it again." "What I'm looking for is for you to not say you have a freaking yacht when you don't". She takes everything too seriously and nothing's ever good enough for her.

phoenixx-dawnn answered:

Okay woah woah woah, you don’t know her, and if you did know her you would realize that the bossy side of her (which I think is hilarious) is only half of who she really is. Christina is the nicest, most caring and amazing and hilarious person and THE BEST older sister I could ever and she does NOT deserve you saying that stuff. She is WAY MORE than what you see in the videos and if you actually talked to her and gave her a chance you would realize how amazing of a person she is. Please don’t say anything else rude about her because she does not deserve that.